Teleprudence RealTEL is a prop-tech company that helps home seekers and businesses in their search set-up an management of *Enterprise homes.

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About Us

Founded in Nov 2020, Teleprudence ©RealTEL is a prop-tech company that helps customers in their search, set up, and management of enterprise homes. With over two decades of credibility across the Telecom, IT, and real estate value chain, the talent has been delighting Fortune 500 companies with integrity.

In today’s post-pandemic world, we recognize that just like quality electricity, enterprise-grade Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be a non-negotiable prerequisite at home as much as it is in office. This reckons the need for interdependence across the telecom and real estate sectors to foster a borderless working culture.

Why Us

Ever wondered why WhatsApp calls fade out despite being served by high bandwidth?

Knowledge and Skill Gap

There are approx. 150 moving parts or technical reasons that are known to impact voice, data, or video Internet Quality of Experience (QoE). The reason why even low-bandwidth-demanding applications like WhatsApp calls often face issues.

Call Drops

As per a CISCO report , 80 % of mobile traffic originates or terminates indoors. In today’s WFH era, you don’t want your call to drop during a deal-clinching moment.

Cyber Security

Experts see a 500 % surge in cyberattacks post lockdown.
These vulnerabilities can take a heavy toll leading to adverse productivity and financial implications.

Productivity Drop Due to WFH

Working parents are unable to deliver peak performance owing to lack of dedicated work spaces due to distractions and domestic obligations.

Enterprise Homes

Introducing high IQ systems that understand the nuances of hybrid
working and the thrill of immersive virtual indulgences.

At the heart of our managed solutions are our intuitive (but not intrusive) Customer Premise Equipment (CPEs) including enterprise class W-Fi routers that assure business continuity even during down times. These Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven devices pack proactive network monitoring and trouble shooting capabilities. They are also designed to meet micro services and mission critical needs.

So if you are someone who works hard , plays harder or simply someone who loves to host live match viewing parties , we are committed to raise the bar for you in this new normal.


Teleprudence supports various Sustainable Development Programmes (SDP) with special focus on the education of lesser privileged children via the Rotary Club of Mumbai SoBo , where the Founder-CEO is a charter member.
He serves on the advisory board of Bhavdhara Academy – an English medium not-for-profit school situated in a hamlet in the Palghar district – Maharashtra. The school currently imparts education to over 300 students.
While the institution upholds standards which are at par with most English medium metropolitan schools, the teachings here are a reminiscence of India’s ancient education system i.e Gurukul.
Bhavdhara is also incubated as a poster project under club under its SDP programme – “Rural Tourism for Tribal Education”.

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