Founded in Nov 2020 , Teleprudence ©RealTEL is a prop-tech company that helps customers in their search, set up, and management of enterprise homes. With over two decades of credibility across the Telecom , IT and real estate value chain, the talent has been delighting Fortune 500 companies with integrity.
In today’s post pandemic world, we recognise that just like quality electricity, enterprise grade Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be a non-negotiable prerequisite at home as much as it is in office. This reckons the need for interdependence across the telecom and real estate sectors to foster a borderless working culture.

Who we are

As value added aggregators, we partner with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across the ICT and real estate ecosystem (viz. last mile providers, TSPs , developers, property consultants and interior design consultants) to deliver solutions with Single Point of Accountability (SPoA). Our domain experts navigate through the maze of convergence technologies (including wireline, wireless, hardware, software, network and cloud) to design and manage enterprise class solutions and immersive virtual lifestyle experiences.

NB : Products , services and SLAs subject to government regulation licenses and last mile feasibility – check status


Urjit Desai

Technocrat ● Visionary ● Strategist

Popularly known as UD, Urjit is a technocrat and a visionary with a Master’s degree in Computer Systems and Applications from Gujarat university. His treasured acumen of blending software, technology, systems, management and consultancy earned from tech giants including TCS, PwC, IBM, Oracle, Tech Mahindra and Vodafone endow him the ability to conceptualize and execute ideas to their destinations. Amongst other accolades, UD was CIO and managing committee member for Vodafone’s (M&G’s) $ 130 M business. As AVP of MarketsandMarkets, he has also led the consulting vertical with a Go-to-Market of $25M revenue across 8 industry verticals.

As watching a game is fun, playing it requires skills – UD challenged himself to trade his consulting hat for a pivotal role in Teleprudence RealTEL. Enticed by prop-tech, semi-conductors and excited about getting down to where the rubber meets the road, UD has set upon himself to prove his mettle yet again.

Rittesh Seth

Entrepreneur ● Speaker ●Writer

Not known to take the path of least resistance, Rittesh is a prop tech entrepreneur reckoned for his vanguard role in the convergence of Telecom , IT and Realty.
He started his Telecom career at the grass root level in 2002 with Reliance- NIS and earned his way to the elite Tata Communications – TIEBU (an erstwhile handpicked special focus group that represented all Tata companies in the Telecom arena to serve marquee corporates) He writes for the sheer love of Telecom. His contrarian deep-dive analyses over the past six years have spot on thereby endorsing his cognitive understanding and vision of the telecom industry – a feat he owes to his bottom up journey and dyslexic abilities.

NB : Due to some pending formalities with Registrar of Companies (RoC) profiles  of other shareholders / stakeholders are yet to be updated