Capgemini Research Institute, in its global study emphasizes that the shift to hybrid working is invertible. Reason why marquee developers are tweaking apartment contours to include dedicated study rooms and workplaces.

For new-age home seekers, the journey begins with identifying properties with the right configuration factoring in floor plans that can accommodate home offices :​

  1. Aspirations , privacy and productivity: An industry first, our cross-industry domain experts’ cognitive approach ensure not just aspirational homes but homes that enhance your privacy and productivity.
  2. High-level network for best deals: Teleprudence shares an open-door relationship with reputed developers and realtors.  This enables our customers to get access to exclusive inventories at honest prices.
  3.  Homes with fully loaded home-offices: As knowledge partners, we collaborate with developers and  real estate services providers and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)  value chain to identify qualified inventories for our customers. We then sync up with your interior designers to set up your home office.
  4. Technology-integrated home interiors that augment connectivity and microservices: Ericson research estimates 70-80 % mobile traffic originates or terminates indoors. Surprisingly, despite spending millions on interior design, new homeowners fail to take cognizance of mitigating network issues. Unless planned for during floor planning stages, this is an irreversible oversight. We align with our customers’ interior design consultants to install appliances and electronics during floor planning stages to ensure seamless voice & data connectivity. ​
  5. Bridging the gap between technology and the hybrid worker:  Working parents are unable to deliver peak performance owing to lack of dedicated workspaces.We harness the potential of best-fit technologies for the hybrid workforce.  Our domain experts navigate through the maze of convergence technologies (including wireline, wireless, hardware, software, network and cloud) to bridge the gap between technology and you.